Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jersey Shore - Part III

You might assume that the boys (that's Andrew facing us and my Great Nephew, Michael, with his back to us) are saying a little prayer...their heads bowed. But, I'm sure you've already figured out that their attention is not captured by the Almighty but, rather, by their GameBoys: a block from the beach, and the boys--not unlike children everywhere in America--manipulated electronic characters jumping, hopping, killing, fighting and God knows what else.

To be fair, the boys put their GameBoys away shortly after breakfast on the veranda of the hotel and headed to the beach. But--remembering my own youth--I can't help but note that today's children are so imbued with such wonderful technological advances, it is difficult to simply just be a kid.

But, then, I guess that's what Andrew and Michael were doing on the veranda that day and later at the beach: just being kids.

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