Friday, September 09, 2005

Fair and Balanced - Brownie's Resume from Time Magazine - Neocon Read on the Blame Game

Let me be a little fair and balanced on this one.

First, take a look at Time Magazine's investigation into FEMA Director Michael "Brownie" Brown's resume, which reads, in part:

Brown's FindLaw profile lists a wide range of areas of legal practice, from estate planning to family law to sports. However, one former colleague does not remember Brown's work as sterling. Stephen Jones, a prominent Oklahoma lawyer who was lead defense attorney on the Timothy McVeigh case, was Brown's boss for two-and-a-half years in the early '80s. "He did mainly transactional work, not litigation," says Jones. "There was a feeling that he was not serious and somewhat shallow." Jones says when his law firm split, Brown was one of two staffers who was let go.

Okay. Now, something from the other side.

My friend Charley (GOPer, conservative extraordinaire) directed me to this interesting site where we can all play the Katrina blame game. Take a look!

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