Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wicked - Riding High on Hype

David and I and three of the folks David works with saw the Stephen Schwartz-Winnie Holzman musical Wicked last night. Not that I thought it stunk. It didn't. But, I don't understand the hysterical hype this mediocre at best musical is receiving.

I know, I know... How do my credentials stack up against all those professional critics who just get really giddy writing about this play that, some have said, will change the face of the American musical theater forever? Well, I really don't have any credentials. I just know what I like.

I don't know if it was more the inadequacies of the traveling production that caused my disappointment or just the play itself which capialized on so many trite, overused themes that have been there, done that many, many, many times before through the voice of more talented writers and composers.

I couldn't understand a word that was sung by either of the female leads. The orchestra consisted of about five or six musicians: three brass, maybe a clarinet?, percussion and electronics. No strings. The sets were cheap, amateurish even. The choreography was unimaginative. And, the story line was, well--how do I say this so it won't offend that many people? The story line was goofy.

Yes, I know. At the conclusion of the too long play, the Buell Theater at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts erupted in a standing, screaming ovation. Except for me and a couple others, the crowd loved the damned thing.

I guess there's something wrong with me. (But, then, we all know that already. :-] )

As they say, go figure!

By the way, you really ought to check out the above link. You can even buy Wicked karaoke, for Christ's sake.

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