Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dubya's Rose Colored Glasses

This by Mike Litwinn in this morning's Rocky Mountain News provides a good read with regard to what has come to be called "Bush's Bubble" within which he has sought solace from the reality of the world. The piece reads, in part:

You knew it was a select crowd not only because of the $1,000-a-plate price tag for the Marilyn Musgrave fundraiser - and, for the record, she was not wearing a pink skirt.

No, this was the real giveaway: Many people in the audience - for all I know, all of them - apparently still believe George W. Bush knows what he's doing in Iraq.

I know, it sounds crazy. But I was there to see it myself.


And then there's the nearly 100 percent dissent-free world in which Bush travels. It is Dan Froomkin of who calls this world Bush's bubble - one in which there's almost no possibility of Bush ever hearing a discouraging word.

Bush's post-Thanksgiving-weekend schedule, Froomkin notes, includes speeches at the U.S. Border Patrol office, an Air Force base, the Naval Academy, two Republican fundraisers and one Republican donor reception.

In other words, he's going no place where he might bump into either, say, John Murtha or the Denver Three.

(Picture above from Rocky Mountain News - David Zalubowski@AP)

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