Sunday, February 25, 2007

On Berkeley Lake This Morning

A Black-Crowned Night-Heron (I think). The body color is certainly that of a Great Blue Heron, although the short neck and thicker head reflects the Black-Crowned.

P.S. The more I think about it, this beautiful specimen probably isn't a Black-Crowned Night Heron. I've contacted the Colorado Birding Society for help with the identification. My hunch is that this is a Great Blue Heron whose distintive long, curved neck is hidden by the rear-view shot I took. We'll see...

P.P.S Okay, definitive information from the Colorado Birding folks: "Your photo is of a Great Blue Heron that is hunkered down. Notice long two toned bill, blackish head plumes, and blackish feathers on bottom of throat. A Black crowned Night Heron has a white throat, white plumes if present, and bill about the same length as its head.

Good birding!

Rebecca Kosten and all!


Doogman said...

Nice shot! How close did you get? This is quite the close-up!

George said...

The Night-Herons have always seemed to be certainly wary but not intimidated by human presence. I was about ten feet away (luckily David had taken Sarah up ahead) when I got the shot.

Jeffrey Beall said...

I often see these hanging out in Cherry Creek as I whiz past on my bike on the adjacent bike path. This one is kind of ugly; it must be a female.

George, I would love your take on the city attorney "purchase" of a laptop that was stolen from the city.

George said...

Ah, Jeffrey... He/she is a beautiful specimen. I mean, just look at the boa hanging prominent from his/her neck. Actually, I'm not sure it's a Night-Heron and am awaiting a professional opinion.

As to Larry Manzanares who was found to be in possession of a stolen laptop, my first question would be why a District Court Judge would find life more comfortable in the Denver City Attorney's Office, rather than on the bench. That's a fairly significant downward leap that, possibly, carries an untold story with it.