Thursday, June 01, 2006

And, The Battle Begins

Okay. The battle is about to begin. The premiere photos (four each) above are Colorado Senator Wayne Allard, Dubya's buttboy, who introduced the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment" in the United States Senate.

The next pic is of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist who has recently announced that the most important issues facing the American people in the 2006 elections are the Marriage Protection Amendment and an amendment to the Constitution that would outlaw desecration of the flag. Guess what base he's appealing to?

Now, the last pic is our leader, George W. and his kissin' cousin Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave, who also is workin' the hot buttons, "defense of marriage amendment," and flag burning.

Incidentally, Time Magazine today identified Senator Wayne Allard as the "The Invisible Man." The article reads, in part: "In a Senate full of ambitious members, Colorado Republican Wayne Allard is so bland that his critics have dubbed him 'Dullard.'"

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