Friday, June 30, 2006

Marilyn* Musgrave and Her (You've Got to be Kidding) Base

ColoradoPols posted on Colorado Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave's maneuvers in the US House to preclude the requirement for trigger locks for hand guns. The following is just a sample of the "red" thought as opposed to "George" thought. May God have mercy on us all. Note: You may note that all of the posters on this string post anonymously except for me. Silly me...

Posted by JoseSixPack June 30th, 2006 at 5:02 am
Women and minorities (see 1930’s/’40’s Jews, or today’s Christian Sudanese) are the ones who MOST need trigger lock-free weapons in EVERY home and lots of them.

One of the things - and I’m not kidding - that keeps our own @0vernment fom creating more easily triggered “emergency” martial law plans is a well-armed citizenry.

Look it up - they are creating such lockdown plans for the citizenry over things like bird flu. BIRD FLU! If a widespread pandemic breaks out, you leftie dopesmokers can go around with trigger locks, but I’ll be cocked and loaded for when the trash of society comes to loot my abode.

Hey if it’s sucha good idea, why don’t you Stalin types runa trigger lock ballot measure? That would be fun - can we play? Please, aw, come on!!

(Disclaimer: I still believe all referenda are a bad idea even if it drives kooks like me to the polls in droves.)

Posted by Hammer June 29th, 2006 at 10:19 pm
Aristotle, you showed your colors when you invoked the famous left wing argument: “Even if it only saves one life”. What about banning abortion (and don’t give me that “stick to the subject” garbage because you can’t understand the point!). It would save millions of lives yearly. What about banning automobiles? You could save over 50,000 lives yearly in the US alone. Bystander is right. Guns kept for personal protection should be kept loaded, and trigger locks in a stressful situation can lead to accidental discharge. Gray in the mountains, 10 seconds is a death sentence in a home invasion. JoseSixPack, I agree. The family that shoots together stays together! Coldawg, show off your ignorance with your slander. Progressiveforrubenstein (was it the moronic coffin ads that sold you?), gun owners are not fearful. The Culture of Fear is made up of left wing protectionists who feel empowered when they try to dictate our lives. Get over yourselves Lefties, because none of you will get out of this life alive! Forget “if it only saves one life” wimpiness. “Live free or die” is still the best motto to live by!

Posted by Gecko June 30th, 2006 at 7:50 am
Oh yeah, gun locks are probably a good idea, for idiots. Not for me.I raised three boys to adulthood. I have a loaded pistol in my nightstand, in my wife’s purse, in the drawer in my livingroom, and a loaded shotgun by the back door.Paranoid? No. Prepared. Let some dope smoking crack addict try to get in my house or garage. The dogs will wake me and he’ll be a “make my day” statistic.Teach your kids how to respect a gun. Just like my dad taught me to respect a skil-saw. If you lose your respect for it, you will lose your digits. Lose your respect for a gun, and you will lose your life.Simple. But then maybe liberals can’t understand the concept of self reliance. They need Ma Govment to run every fucking aspect of our lives………………

Posted by George June 30th, 2006 at 8:27 am
Oh, my… I don’t really care about gun locks. The children in my house are the four-legged variety and my .38 and .45 are loaded and ready for action. What I do care about is Colorado’s shame in actually sending to the United States Congress two ignominious flatlanders (flatlanders=those who would be as comfortable living in Topeka as well as Loveland; those who still believe the world is flat; those who consistently ride the hot button train ala GW); yes, “Potted Plant” Allard and the blond “Musk Ox” Musgrave (Lordy, she’s put on weight!) remain Colorado’s shame. Shall I quote the Musk Ox: “Mandating gun buyers to pay for a gun lock is not makinng America safe. It just is making guns and self-defense and personal protection more costly.” Ah, your misplaced adverb grates, madame Ox. So does your consistent, predictable shameless play to the inveterate base whose holy mantra remains: “My gun don’t kill people, hoss, people kill people.”

Yup, queers, guns, wetbacks and fetuses (who, by the way become children who, incidentally, occasionally find their daddy’s .357 under the mattress and shoot their play pal in the f’ing head ’cause daddy’s got these f’ing rights under the Second Amendment and all and you can pry this gun from my… You get the point!); yup, it’s playin’ to the base, stupid.

Marilyn “Musk Ox” Musgrave just simply needs to hang it up. She is shamefully inept as a U.S. Congresswoman and really, really needs to get on that Jenny Craig thing–you know, a diet.

Posted by Scubaman June 30th, 2006 at 10:34 am
2849 children and teens die from handguns (mostly teens in gang wars who probably would know how to unlock the gun) and some idiot wants 150 million gun owners inconvenienced? Punish the very few irresponsible parents who let a child kill itself - not the entire population! Marilyn Musgrave is a courageous legislator and I salute her - and will certainly not vote for the incompetent running against her.

Posted by George June 30th, 2006 at 12:05 pm
Scubaman does entertain. Certainly, as he says, “…parents who let a child kill itself…” is a reasonable place to hang your hat. I’m sure there are parents all over the country who let children kill themselves with handguns: “Here yah go, Johnny. That’s the trigger, that’s the barrel, thems the hollow points. Now, get your ass out there in the street and kill yor’sef!”

Right? Certainly!

Brilliant! Simply brilliant!

But wait! There’s more. “Marilyn Musgrave is a courageous legislator…” Oh my God, I’ve never viewed her that way. I’ve never considered the courageousness of a legislator who does pretty much absolutely nothing except play to their base. (The gay marriage thing is coming up again in July, right?) Well, you go girl. We salute you. Ain’t nothin’ really more important in Congress than tap dancin’ to your base. Ain’t no queers in the flatlands anyhow!

*This post used to be titled: "Marilyn (Musk Ox) Musgrave and Her (You've Got to be Kidding) Base." But "Musk Ox" was a little over the edge, me thinks. I'm sure she's sensitive about her weight and it benefits no one to make such tacky albeit fairly accurate observations.

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