Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stem Cell Presentation on Floor of US Senate - Topeka's Sam Brownback

This video (click on above title) provides one, if not the most absurd presentations I've ever seen on the U.S. Senate floor by, who else, Senator Sam Brownback from, where else, Kansas.

It's instructive to note that all the so-called "snowflake" babies who were carted into the White House for Dubya's veto of the DeGette bill on stem cell research, were white babies, the wanted babies, as Brownback points out.

There are so, so many unwanted babies, already born, yearning for a family. But, well, they ain't "snowflakes;" they're babies of color or babies with maladies, crack babies, AIDS babies; all waiting for a loving family to take them in. But, nope, Brownback doesn't even mention them. It's the frozen embryos that produce them cuddly "sknowflakes" that play to the base; that tug at all those lily-white, flatlander, Christian fundamentalistic wingnuts who, of course, will never have to deal with a family member coming down with Parkinsons or Alzheimer's. (Or, if they do, I can hear it now: "Well, yes, grandpa has Alzheimer's, but--praise Jesus!--we ask him if he wanted us to kill one of them little 'snowflakes' in the hope that it might make him better. And you know what he said! Well, he said, 'No.' Not only no, but 'hell no.' Oh, can I hear an Amen!)

Funny thing is, lots of gay couples tend to turn away from the "snowflakes" and take on the hardest parenting of all: those babies of color, those sick babies, those precious little souls who, otherwise--if it were left up to Sam Brownback--would sit at the back of the adoption bus forever. Now, with Dubya's "faith-based" funding of entities/institutions like Catholic Charities (which adopts out babies/children) and the concomitant flimsy line that's been established between church and state, even gay folk are beginning to be denied the opportunity to give good homes to otherwise "unwanted" children.

Ain't them "snowflakes" precious, though.

Some things just don't make a lot of sense, buckaroos.

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