Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sweet Melissa - I

Sweet Melissa is the offspring of champions. We purchased her from a very, very discriminating breeder who required David and I to submit to an intensive interview before she would even consider the possibility of allowing us to purchase a pup.

We--David and I--were "approved" by the breeder and the beginning of this joyous journey with Sweet Melissa commenced, at the age of only four days, when I was allowed by the breeder to hold Sweet Melissa. She fit in the palm of one hand. Her tongue was unusually long, and, as she slept the sleep of the innocent, that pink appendage (her tongue) lazily extended beyond her mouth at least a half inch. She was a beautiful baby. And, as I held her that day--when she was only four days old--I knew she was special; I knew the joy she would bring to our--David's and my--life would be immense.

She did not dissapoint.

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