Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Community Forum on Neighborhood Zoning Issues - You Will Behave!

Missive from the City:

Just a reminder, that the Community Residential Zoning Forum is scheduled for 6:00 – 8:00 PM on Wednesday, March 7, in the Atrium of the Wellington Webb Municipal Office Building, at 201 West Colfax Avenue. Please note the Forum is designed to address city-wide residential issues and will not be a forum on individual zoning applications. Sponsors of the Forum include the Zoning Code Task Force, the Denver Board of Realtors, the Metro Denver Homebuilders Association and Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation. The Forum will begin with an introduction by CPD Manager, Peter Park, and then proceed through 3 rounds of broadly based questions to a panel of representatives from the sponsoring groups. The questions will address current zoning policy, the zoning process and its effects and next steps in the Zoning Code Update. We hope to see you there.
Methinks the message here is that you crazy-assed, wild-eyed neighborhood activists dare not disturb the scripted agenda. You WILL sit quietly and your questions WILL address what the city intends them to address. Got it!


Doogman said...

Be careful George. Bureaucrats are ruthless and vicious.

Andrew Oh-Willeke said...

Have you ever sat through a hearing when somebody goes on for what seems like hours talking about their particular case in excruciating detail at a hearing that isn't really about them?

It is painful.

Unknown said...

Indeed, Andrew... But, then again, "Denver always was the rootingest town for blood-thirty assemblages." (Gene Fowler, "Timber Line") Not that one would hope a zoning discussion would devolve into such a spectacle. But, you gotta admit, it would add a little color to an otherwise dismal proceeding.

Anonymous said...

Peter Park is a tiny little squirt, ain't he. I betcha even Jennifer Moulton would have out-weighed him (and maybe out-heighted him, too). Diminutive stature is apparently required for the Denver Planning CEO.

It was all just for show. If you looked carefully you saw the dog and pony setting off to the side.

George, would you kindly summarize your own issue involving zoning? What's going on there? Just good old-fashioned NIMBY self interest? Folks tend to not pay much attention to the City until the snow isn't plowed, the trash isn't picked up or some zoning issue pops up. And when the zoning issues do come up then money, progress and developers win nine out ten cases at the very least.

Neighborhood groups are just meaningless dressing on the process.

Unknown said...

Ah, Anon... The last time I mentioned the diminutive stature (body, not brain), of a Director of Community Planning and Development--Jennifer Moulton--with accompanying anecdotal material regarding my incidental relationship with her, I received a surely menopausal (claws exposed, canines ganshing), comment that surely brought a giddy, bowel-moving satisfaction to the ignominious cretin who provided the comment. So, nope.. No comment from me on things/persons diminutive.

That said, I've decided my personal trudge through Blueprint Denver, the nuances of "New Urbanism," and what's going on in Northwest Denver will continue, with no further comments on the old blog until my "schooling" is complete.

"NIMBY self-interest," is, at least, a sarcastic observation of what motivates neighborhood folks over here in West Highlands. And, obviously, the remainder of that sentence wreaks of the same.

So, Anon, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Bye.

Anonymous said...

Touche. Nah, I had just never seen Peter Park in person. One of Hick's "Dream Team"--NOT.

And, I had never seen Jennifer Moulton in person so didn't know her stature until you described her in that now deleted post. No claws, just having some fun. Chill out, George. At least I didn't quote from Randy Newman's song.

By the way, thought it was a bad idea to take down that post. It was the kind of long piece that takes some time to re-read and digest. I know nothing--but especially nothing about Blueprint Denver. Think of yourself as Socrates and your readers as Alcibiades.

Blogging and comments on blogs should be fun. Right?

Anonymous said...

George, nothing sarcastic intended about NIMBY. As an occasional viewer of Channel 8 is amusing to watch the neighborhood groups go up against their opposition. NIMBY is just self-interest. Mostly futile, but interesting. And it's not just Highlands. Drive through Crestmoor some time--if your sensibilities can stand it George. Some are popping tops and others are not. Quite interesting.