Friday, March 09, 2007

George In Denver is Moving as of March 9, 2007 - Click Here

Yes, I am moving. Blogspot has been good to me for almost three years. But, I'm ready for something new, different. And, besides, I am a complete dunce when it comes to inserting HTML (or whatever that code is), to enable greater functionality. So, I'm here now.

Thanks for your interest in the old blog. Hope to see you on the new site.



Anonymous said...

Good deal. But this will be hard,leaving a vacuum in blogspot sphere for retired Denver municipal purchasing career folk reliving old glories and casting light on current City affairs. Hopefully, someone will take you place. But, George, you're a HARD act to follow--as I'm sure you know.

Unknown said...

Hey, Anon... Just head over to the new sight where the rants will continue.