Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ah, More Snow - Really Cold in Denver

This, verbatim, from this morning's Rocky Mountain News
(Pictures--not from the News--are of Denver's measly 19" in 1913)

Snow forecasts run 1-12 inches
Only agreement: It will be bone-chilling, with subzero lows

By Laressa Bachelor, Rocky Mountain News January 11, 2007

Forecasters remain a bit at odds on exactly how much snow the next storm will bring to the area, but they do agree frigid weather is on the way, beginning today.

Meteorologists said the storm will likely start with light drizzle before it turns to snow.
A second arctic front is expected on Sunday, and it will keep temperatures near the zero mark before things start to warm up on Tuesday. Winds could be a problem, though not all forecasters agree. Some forecasters say that gusts of up to 30 mph will create visibility problems. Others said they don't believe that winds will be a factor. Predictions for when the storm will move out of the area range from Saturday to Monday, with the worst-case scenario for snow-weary residents being one that has flurries lasting through Monday. Snow totals are all over the map, with the National Weather Service saying that as little as 1 to 3 inches might fall in the Denver area, while others expect from 6 inches to a foot. Predictions Forecasts by different agencies on the storm arriving at the end of this week are:

National Weather Service Thursday night 1-3 inches Friday high 13, lowminus 8; Saturday high 6,low minus 1; Sunday high 12, low minus 4 Sunday nightinto Monday Thursday night 4-8 inches Friday high 20, low 6;Saturday high 21, low 7; Sunday high 18, low 3 Sunday afternoon

Weather Central Thursday night 3-6 inches Friday high 8, lowminus 10; Saturday high 7, low minus 4; Sunday high 12, low minus 4 Sunday night

CBS 4 News Late Thursday into Friday 6-12 inches Friday high 9, lowminus 7; Saturday high 6, low minus 5; Sunday high 11, low minus 4 Sunday

Denver's 7 Late Thursday into Friday 3-6 inches, 6-12 in foothills Friday high 17, low zero; Saturday high 10, low minus 2; Sunday high 3, low minus 7 Sunday

9News Thursday night into Friday 5-7 inches Friday high 12, lowminus 5; Saturday high 10,low minus 3; Sunday high 13, low minus 4 Monday night


Readerman said...

How anyone gets around in all that snow, I'll never know. Good luck!

George said...

Hey, Readerman...

With enough hot cocoa and a sled, you can go anywhere in Denver. (In fact, our mayor, John Hickenlooper's first public utterance with regard to the 30+ incehs of snow we got on the first round (we're now on the fourth round), was to extol the magnificent opportunity to go sledding with a belly full of cocoa. Politicians! Ugh!)