Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Visit From Flat Stanley

I suspect there are a whole lot of parents with small children who have heard of Flat Stanley. I have no children--except, of course, for the four-legged ones-- but I do have nieces and nephews and one of them, Jack from New Jersey, has asked his Uncles George and David to participate in his third grade project centered on the adventures of Flat Stanley.

Flat Stanley emerged from a children's book which chronicles the unfortunate incident of a bulletin board falling on Stanley, thereby flattening him. At first, Stanley was distraught about the inability of the doctors to "cure" his flatness. However, he soon found out that being flat had its advantages. For example, he found that he could mail himself to his friends and, therefore, partake of adventures anywhere in the world.

My nephew, Jack, mailed Flat Stanley to me and David. My mission is, therefore, to provide an adventure for Flat Stanley--in words and pictures--that will be sent back to Jack where he can share Flat Stanley's adventure in Denver with his classmates.

All of this to explain that posts to this blog will necessarily be sporadic until I can put together the greatest adventure ever for Flat Stanley on behalf of my precious nephew, Jack.

So, for the few who check-out this blog on occasion, I'll be back...just as soon as I give Flat Stanley a memorable adventure.


Doogman said...

I hope we'll get to share in the adventure when it's done!

Have fun George! Sharing the creative world of a young mind is *such* a gift.

Enjoy the blessing!

George said...

Hey Doog. A blessing this is. Jack is a joy, as are all my nieces and nephews, grand nieces and grand nephews.

I think my problem with this project will be to keep it somewhat under 50,000 words and two or three thousand photos.

Thanks for your interest; your kind words.


Readerman said...

I'll miss your blogs. Hope you wont be gone too long. You're my Denver connection. Always enjoy hearing about things Denver and Colorado. Have a great time on your new project and keep your readers posted on the progress. ---Greg