Saturday, January 13, 2007

Quite Frankly, I'm Over This Weather -- Snow is Fine -- Below Zero Ain't


Doogman said...

Definitely a 'three dog night' last night... and you're shy two dogs!! Of course, two CATS don't even get CLOSE, but DO still taste like chikken! *smacks lips* (cats looking very afraid)(mwoohahaha)

George said...

When we first moved into this old house, we had a Siberian Husky, Jessica, who--as most Siberians will--escaped from the yard. After three months, we reluctantly pretty much gave up on finding her. Then, a friend who lived about three blocks away, mentioned that a Siberian had been living in their next door neighbors yard (no fence; and they had been feeding her), for several months AND the Siberian had been killing neighborhood cats. Yes, it was Jessica. When I went to get her, there was a dead cat in the yard. (She didn't eat them. She just, well... I won't go into it, but it involved a vigorous shake of the neck.) I've read that Siberians are a breed that have no "homing instinct." So, she just couldn't find her way back home...three blocks away.

1:46 PM

Suz said...

Um, I think Doogman may need a Cabin Fever Intervention any minute now... But I suspect he's only one of many around town right now.