Monday, July 04, 2005

Colorado's Senator Ken Salazar - Just Stupid, or What?

Seems that the compromise to avoid the "nuclear option," -- the neocon plan to destroy the filibuster in the U.S. Senate -- which seven Republicans and seven Democrats (Yes, Colorado's junior Democratic Senator was one of what has become known at the "Gang of 14") will have some very distinct consequences when Dubya presents his choice for a replacement for the Supreme Court seat Sandra Day O'Connor will be vacating.

This from the Washington Post which reads, in part:

Democrats' hopes of blocking a staunchly conservative Supreme Court nominee on ideological grounds could be seriously undermined by the six-week-old bipartisan deal on judicial nominees, key senators said yesterday.

With President Bush expected to name a successor to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor next week, liberals are laying the groundwork to challenge the nominee if he or she leans solidly to the right on affirmative action, abortion and other contentious issues. But even if they can show that the nominee has sharply held views on matters that divide many Americans, some of the 14 senators who crafted the May 23 compromise appear poised to prevent that strategy from blocking confirmation to the high court, according to numerous interviews.

The pact, signed by seven Democrats and seven Republicans, says a judicial nominee will be filibustered only under "extraordinary circumstances." Key members of the group said yesterday that a nominee's philosophical views cannot amount to "extraordinary circumstances" and that therefore a filibuster can be justified only on questions of personal ethics or character.

Like I said before, Salazar was elected from a decidedly red state. His election was backed by a whole lot of big money folks (Democrats, liberals) and an enormous coalition of blue collar working folks, Latinos, African Americans, gays and lesbians, unions; the traditional--but fading-- power base of the Democratic party. But, what you do and what you say to get yourself elected to the Senate and then what you do or say once you get there are, of course, really, really distinctly different things.

Ol' Ken will probably pull what his predecessor, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, did and switch parties toward the end of his forst term.

And, now that I think about it, it's not just Ken Salazar who appears to have become quite stupid upon his ascension to the Senate. There are a whole lot of other nominal Democrats who have become stupid, lazy, braindead and appear to have been (willingly) castrated in the face of the Dubya/Rove two-headed monster who'll disassemble each one you dipshits if you don't toe the line.

What's scary is Dubya could nominate the reincarnation of Attila the Hun for the Supreme Court and the nomination would succeed much to the credit of limpdick liberals and deadass Democrats.

Regardless of whatever fire Howard Dean's got in his belly, somthin' just ain't right with the party of FDR and Kennedy. Yup, the only thing we have to fear are lily-livered (isn't that a cute word) liberals and spineless Democrats who have lost sight of their base; who fear the two-headed monster.

Oh well... So, what else is new.

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