Monday, July 18, 2005

Operation Save America Can Bite Me

Oh my!

David and I walked our usual two miles when he got home from work and decided to go to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants for dinner. And, oh my God, they were in there! They were in one of our favorite restaurants eating food! A whole bunch of them! Ick! Ugh!

And, if that was not bad enough, we found out they were having a big pow-wow not two blocks from our house. More ick! More ugh! And, after David and I finished our dinner, we walked home and, oh my God, they were coming and going right there in front of us; they were crossing the street to enter the Redeemer Community Church where they were gonna whoop it up for the Lawd!

Actually, this is a little tee-hee post. These folks (some of whom wore t-shirts condemning homosexuality) can simply bite me. They're no better than ol' Fred Phelps and his lovely crew at the Westboro Baptist zoo.

(I really don't like them hangin' out in my neighborhood, though. But, okay... Just for the time being. They need to go home though as soon as possible. Gotta keep my property values up!)

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