Monday, July 11, 2005

Tom Cruise is Nuts

This site, TomCruiseisNuts, via my newest link, Drunken Lagomorph, (Yeah, I know, I had to look it up, too. A lagomorph is a rabbit, hare or pika -- as opposed to a "Poohka" which was the species of the invisible six-foot tall rabbit in the movie Harvey).

Take a look at the site that suggests Cruise is headed for an inevitable implosion. One of the quotes from Cruise which they cite is: "I can be a quite excitable person."

No shit!

Incidentally, Mary Chase wrote the play, "Harvey," while living in a small west Denver bungalow which one of my friends owns. I've even slept there and, yes, there were bumps in the night and the rooms in the old house embraced me within a warm and very, very cuddly clutch.

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