Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Butt, What About His Poop!

What goes in must come out.

I had thought I had seen everything with regard to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's and the Denver media's sickly obsessive infatuation with one another. But, no, this morning's Rocky Mountain News carries a piece (three entire pages) by Alan Guthright entitled, "Hectic schedule governs mayor's menu." The piece (Pulitzer material, no doubt) details the contents of each meal hizzoner consumed for an entire week.

My question is, shouldn't the reporter's follow-up--given this mutual admiration bond that's been established between the Hick and the media--be on the Mayor's poop? Maybe a week long detail of when, how much, consistency? I mean, isn't that a reasonable expectation?

GAWD! Who gives a shit!


(Photo by Marc Piscotty)

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