Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Stephen Colbert v. Dubya

Gotta watch Stephen Colbert's remarks at the White House Correspondent dinner last Saturday.

Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer thinks Colbert's remarks were in bad taste. Alternet provides this retort, which reads, in part:

Bad taste?! Bad taste?! Are you f-ing kidding me? If anyone came to me, as a nationally recognized figure, and asked with the camera and lights on whether I thought Stephen Colbert's speech was in "bad taste" I would try to avoid the drool accumulating in the corners of my mouth and say:

You know what's in bad taste? Trampling on the Constitution, sending people to other countries to be tortured, starting a war on false pretenses that has taken the lives of over 2000 soldiers and untold Iraqis, many of whom were women and children, sending people, without trial, in the most un-American fashion to a black hole off the coast where they sit and rot without hope of release, tortured because the president has played with the law to make it difficult to prosecute, spying on Americans illegally and claiming he can do it like some kind of a monarch.

And you wanna talk about a comedian's jokes being in bad taste? Shame on you.

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