Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day - 2006

Memorial day has become many things to many people. Some honor the war dead. Others honor those who served in the armed forces. Others simply honor family who have passed on.

Let me just acknowledge my and my father's contribution to the nation, small as it may have been. Here's a few nostalgic photos of bygone days.

The photo above is that of my father, circa 1939, at Fort Sill, Oklahoma where he appears to be a sergeant and, no doubt, where he went out of his way to raise as much hell as he could.

After my father graduated from Officer Candidate School at Yale University, he pinned on the brass bars of a second lieutenant in the Army Air Corps.

My contribution began at Fort Polk, Louisiana, in June, 1972.

And, yes, that's me reloading my M-16 on the firing range at Fort Polk, Louisiana, circa 1972.

I honor those who have died in military service to this country.

I pray for the return of those who are today in harm's way fighting the war without end, the war that cannot be won.

I pray that the strutting peacock, George W., will, one day, be required to answer for what he has done to this country, it's proud soldiers and their families and for the destruction he has visited upon the wretched of the earth.

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