Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good Question! Significance of "Immigration" March On May Day!

An op-ed piece in last Saturday's Rocky Mountain News by Dave Kopel reads, in part:

"...the Denver dailies failed to report some essential parts of the story. For example, why was May Day picked as the nationwide date, rather than, say, Cinco de Mayo? The News said nothing at all, while the Post (April 26) made a single delicate reference to May 1 as a 'traditional day for labor protests.'

"More precisely, in 1889 the Marxist Second International declared May 1 to be international workers day, and forever after the day has been one of mass communist demonstrations against capitalism.

"Unlike The Washington Post and CNN, Denver reporters never acknowledged the role extremists played in organizing the May Day demonstrations. Syndicated opinion columnist Roger Hernandez wrote the only article in either paper (the News) to point out that International ANSWER was a key mover behind the demonstrations nationally. ANSWER is an ultra-left, anti-American organization with strong communist ties, and which supports tyrants such as Kim Jong-Il and Fidel Castro."

Kopel also reports that:

"...novelist Elena Poniatowska, who is cultural adviser to Mexican presidential candidate Manuel Lopez Obrador (currently in a close race for the July election), has done more than almost anyone to popularize the reconquista. In a July 2001 interview with the Mexican newspaper El Imparcial, she exulted, 'Mexico is recovering the territories yielded to the United States by means of migratory tactics.'"

The remainder of the Kopel piece speaks to the several other issues related to illegal immigrantion, including the prostitution of the English language to characterize this invasion from the southern border.

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