Friday, August 18, 2006

Letters to Melissa - Piney Lake (Part III)

Dear Sweet Melissa:

Well, sweetheart, here we go again. Heading back up to Piney Lake where, the advance crew (our friends, John and Fred) have reported the flies are gone (too cold), and--as I said--it's cold and where, it's reported, there will be rain in the next couple days.

But, what the hey! There will actually be between nine to twelve of us up there together, doing what guys (gay or straight with the exception that, as you know, the gay guys don't kill things for the helluva it! Sport? You've got to be kidding!) do on a camping trip which I've explained in prior posts.

I bought a new lens for my camera and, hopefully, I can get some great shots this time.

Anyway, wish you were here; wish you could hop in the car with us and spend some time in that wee slice of paradise--(that is, if the flies are truly dormant).

Loving you still, always


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