Friday, August 18, 2006

This Is Absolutely Insane - Rocky Mountain News

The Rocky Mountain News has outdone itself today with an absolutely insane, absurd, crazy, asinine litany of nutty stories, cartoons and editorials attacking Peter Boyles of KHOW radio who has, since the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, maintained that this tragedy was not the work of an intruder as John and Patsy Ramsey, the parents, (as well as their official mouthpiece, the Rocky Mountain News) asserted/assert. Boyles further has identified the "confession" of John Mark Karr as the ramblings of a nutcase who had nothing whatsoever to do with murder of JonBenet.

Whatever you think of Peter Boyles and whoever is ultimately proven to have committed this heinous act, please consider some of the facts:

1) Karr claims to have picked JonBenet up at her school, taken her to the Ramsey home and therein did the deed. Fact: The murder occurred during the Christmas holiday. School was not in session.

2) Karr claims JonBenet's death was accidental. Fact: The poor child's head was viciously bashed with what was probably a flashlight. She was then strangled with a garotte.

3) Karr claims he drugged JonBenet. Fact: The toxicology report from the autopsy found no drugs in JonBenet's body.

4) Karr claims to have had sex with JonBenet. Fact: No semen was found.

Good people, Karr's confession--as well as the ramblings of the Rocky Mountain News, as well as the machinations of the People's Republic of Boulder's DA and police department--is (God, what's the best word???) absurd. Wish I had a better, more descriptive word. But, that's it.

Jesus, we live in strange times....

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