Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Letters to Melissa - Piney Lake (Part IV)

Sweet Melissa:

Sweetheart, we did it again. Yes, David and I went camping with John and Fred, Clayton and Richard and two "newbies," Greg and Daniel. I know, it's hard to believe that we would--for the third time, for goodness sake!--forsake the comforts of a warm bed, immediately accessible bathroom, fine restaurant, outdoor patio (a Maker's Mark and 7, in hand) framed by mountains of Pine, Spruce and Aspen in Silverthorne or Vail. But, we lived in a tent for two days. It was fun...mostly.

You'll be happy to hear that the attack of the voracious suicide flies from our July camping trip was not repeated. I believe an early fall is hanging in the air up there, quietly whispering of the big freeze just around the corner. The nights were cold. Indeed, that two or three a.m. bladder-splitting necessity to crawl out of the sleeping bag, open up the tent and shakily navigate through the profuse willow fields in order to release the goods, was, dear heart, icily painful. But, the flies have not really survived that cold. There are still some hardy suicide suckers buzzing about. But, they're now manageable. Thank God!

Yes, this camping event followed pretty much the established protocols: pack the vehicle with six days of supplies (clothing, food, booze) when the intended stay is two nights; drive the hour and a half to Vail, head north to Piney Lake (dirt road, pretty well maintained); unpack the vehicle; set-up the tent, the camp chairs; pour yourself a drink and settle in around the fire.

Then, there was the hike to the waterfall (Fred and the newbies went all the way; David, John and I went half way; and the rest took Roo and Sydney--the Golden Retrievers--to the lake for a swim); the horseback ride (Clayton, Greg and me); the obligatory press-on tattoos.

Yes, honey, we had fun. Again, many thoughts those days in the
hills were about how much you would have loved the experience--demanding proper respect and deference from the Goldens, of course.

Loving you still, always


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