Monday, November 06, 2006

Keith's special comments

Keith Olbermann, once again. A more articulate commentator on our times cannot be found.


Doogman said...

I have never seen my beloved country so badly torn.

This Administration MUST be brought down.

Anonymous said...

really, doogman? never so badly torn? you have not got much sense of history, then. the times we live in are nothing new. except that we happen to be living in them now. i caught part of olbermann's commentary last night. and many of his over the last few months. but the movie "1776" was on last night on turner classics. drove home much of what olbermann has said. checks and balances, nation of laws--not men. but we get the government we deserve. we are also learning lessons about democracy. and minority rights, or lack there of. hope the democrats sweep into victory in a big way. we need that check. Not to mention reform of the medicare drug plan, tax cuts targeted to middle class, etc. if the democrats can't win big this time around, then just fold the tent and go home.