Friday, November 03, 2006

Ted Haggard Admits "Some" of what is Alleged

This from ColoradoPols this morning updating the Haggard mess.

Interestingly, the accuser, Mike Jones, showed "deception" when given a polygraph test this morning. Jones, however, stands by his accusations, with voice mail, handwritten letter and envelope (possible DNA) evidence to support his claims.

Curiouser and Curiouser.

In any event, none of this will be beneficial to the passage of Ref. I (afford same-sex couples with the rights of married couples) and certainly not to the defeat of Amendment 43 (to place in the Colorado Constitution that marriage is a union only between a man and a woman).

God, I'm weary of this stuff...politics included.


Doogman said...

I've been weary of it for twenty years George. These hypocrites and moral primitives have done our country SO much damage. I lay the Iraq War squarely at the feet of these people. If they would JUST ONCE actually DO the work that Christ set out for them, to LOVE their fellow man, the world would be a safer, happier place. Ted got just what he deserved. He should have be given the chance to be what he truly IS, not have to live in fear and guilt. The religious right is WRONG in so many ways and even when confronted with collossal failures of policy like this, they WILL NOT LEARN. They're insane.

Suz said...

I was home sick yesterday and thus not out mixing and mingling with folks and picking up news that way. Because I've been avoiding all local TV and radio channels due to the unspeakable awfulness of the political ads, didn't know about this hot story till the newspaper hit the doorstep this morning.

I had the same response: "Oh, Lord, I am tired of this crap. Another evangelical wingnut exposed as a hypocrite. Like it's never happened before and won't happen again."

Per this ABC news story - - Rev. Haggard has admitted to meth and a massage but no sex.

It's an admission to join the political annals alongside Bill Clinton's "But I didn't inhale." Yeah, he's not officially a politician but certainly was out front pushing Amendment 43.

Sigh. Is it November 8th yet?