Monday, December 18, 2006

Highland Bridge Dedication

Avoiding the drudgery of listening to politicos pontificate at any public assemblage, David and I kept to the outskirts of the crowd where I took pics when I had a clear shot (the clear shots were available just for an instant before someone walked in front of me). The Highland Bridge event and its significance is detailed here. Suffice it to say, Saturday morning was sunny and crisp, an intermittent frigid breeze keeping us all spite of the politician's rhetoric. So, here are a few shots of the significant event in our little corner of the world.

Councilwoman Judy Montero (District 9) began the dedication ceremony. Gotta say she reminded me of a high school cheerleader, admonishing the crowd that their "Good Morning," was not loud enough and that, "It's okay to be rowdy. We're rowdy in North Denver." Suffice it to say, Councilman Rick Garcia (District 1), whose district skirts Montero's (and who really should have been visible for this significant occasion), didn't show up.

Denver's elected Auditor, Dennis Gallagher, did show up for the event. This larger-than-life character dressed typically for the occasion, probably quoting Shakespeare as he rose to take his bow.

Mayor Hickenlooper and his son, Teddy, did show up for the event. (Is Teddy still in his jammies?)

There was a mariachi group from Bryant-Webster Elementary school. They were wonderful. But, several shots of this young man on the violin (his expression never wavering) gave rise to the question if he was just angry about the whole shebang, scared to death or really, really having to pee and can't we just get this damned thing over with!

I'm glad David and I went. It was our little historic event for our little corner of the world. The festivities went on into the evening, culminating in a celebration of light across the bridge by the good folks from both the lower Platte Valley community and the Highland's neighbors on the other side.

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