Friday, December 15, 2006


I borrowed this link from Suz-At-Large which provides the essence of the uproar about a Home Owner's Association (HOA) in Pagosa Srings, Colorado objecting to the display of the peace sign on the front of one the resident's homes. (Actually, it was the president of the HOA who objected to the display of the peace symbol. See Suz's comment below. Thanks Suz.)

Every morning--about 6:15, as Sarah and I head for Berkeley Park in Northwest Denver (walkies around the lake and off-leash tennis ball wind sprints), we pass two houses along the way that display...well, see for yourself (only one was lit this morning).

A wish for Peace on Earth reigns unopposed in Northwest Denver. Apparently, not so in Pagosa Springs.


shoes said...

proving, once again, that people are basically idiots

Suz said...

Well, some people are idiots. Actually, the Pagosa Springs story played out this way, which leads me to think the HOA president was out on his own little trip which didn't get him very far.

First, the HOA prez had to "fire" all (volunteer unpaid homeowner) members of the HOA architectural control committee, because they did NOT agree that the peace wreath didn't comply with the rules.

Then the day after those stories ran, the HOA reversed its position as to the peace wreath: no fines, no problems.

Then, after *that* the City of Pagosa Springs its ownself said it was going display its OWN peace wreath - I assume downtown somewhere.

So actually as this played out the real idiot was the HOA president, who seems to have been left out there on his own. Which is fitting: who wants to hang with somebody who's so stupid and/or paranoid as to think the peace symbol derives from satanic rituals? Asshat.