Thursday, December 28, 2006

More Snow, More Spin -- the Hickies Whine

With Denver expecting about 18 more inches of snow by tomorrow--and probably more by Saturday--Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's administration (and family) just seem to be digging themselves deeper and deeper into a rut. Ah, "rut." Good word. Dare I mention Denver's citizens have been attempting to dig themselves out of those ruts for an entire week with little help from Hick's minions.

Let me just note some quotes:

From Councilwoman Rosemary Rodriguez, reflecting on Hickenlooper: "He looks at snow and disaster and sees cocoa and sledding. [At the height of the last storm, Hickenlooper urged citizens to visit one of four parks for sledding and hot cocoa.] He looks at election problems and sees the voters willing to stand in line for three hours and not the ones who left without voting. In a leader, you want someone who can see both."

From Diane Wolta, a community activist: "My biggest concern about his (Hickenlooper's) political situation is that he made seemingly crazy statements like all residential streets had been plowed, and they clearly weren't. Yeah, I'd be worried if I were him. It doesn't show a good grasp of what's going on in the city."

From Bill Vidal, Hickenlooper's Manager of Public Works: "At this point, we're getting so many complaints about neighborhood streets that we're listening to our customers. We're going to deal with it." [AHA! Gotta complain before anything gets done. Gotta complain before Vidal and company LISTEN to you.]

From the Mayor's wife, Helen Thorpe, an e-mail to the Hick's friends: "I really think John needs all of his supporters to write a letter. And would you each consider asking people that you know to do the same?" She noted that she didn't think "negativity" should be preeminent in the discussion as to how well her hubby and his minions did in taking care of the leavings of the last storm.

Well, this time tomorrow, I'll let you know how it's going. Not holding my breath!


Doogman said...

If Denver's "snow removal" is anything like Longmont's... well... you're f**ked.

These are the great people who will manage things properly in the event of a REAL disaster??

Come on guys, I was born AT night, not LAST night.

Readerman said...

I cringed when I heard you guys were getting more snow. Don't know how you deal with it. In fact, I don't know how the roofs of houses deal with it! There's still got to be a ton of it up there from the last storm. Anyway, hope this one isn't as bad. (And the mayor gets his act together!)

Doogman said...

readerman, don't hold your breath - Hick's no doubt got a special team of contractors clearing his driveway and walks right now.

What I wonder is, can the residents of the City sue for non-performance? Paying taxes that are ostensibly earmarked for snow removal, then getting NONE sure sounds like a breach of contract.