Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alcohol Does Not an Excuse for Pederasty/Pedophilia Make

Dare I admit Bay Buchanan, Pat's wife, is my heroine today. (Probably not tomorrow. But, for today, You Go Girl!)

Suspect Ex-Congressman Mark Foley will find Je-hah-sus in rehab and, um, do good works on behalf of wayward boys once he's in recovery. After all, how bad can a little naughty email or two be when sent to sixteen-year-old boys?

And, here in Colorado. It's sure a Grand Old Party, isn't it.


Doogman said...

*Imagine* if Foley was Dem.

Yeah. It wouldn't be 'naughty emails'

George said...

Indeed, doogman, if Dennis Hastert was a Dem, there'd be a bill of censure or impeachment already in the works. As it stands, the GOP is desperately seeking the spin that will play in Paonia. Don't think they'll find it.