Friday, October 13, 2006

Denver Election Commission - Sequoia = FUBAR

This from Colorado Confidential with regard to the newest example of what used to be called (is perhaps, still called) FUBAR (Fuc--- Up Beyond All Recognition) by the Denver Election Commission and their voting system accomplice, Sequoia.

First it was the black lines printed on the front of the ballot that can be read through to the back of the ballot that could possibly be read by the Sequoia scanning devices as votes. Then it was the reversal on one, and only one, yes/no option to no/yes, so that if you're not careful you might think you're voting yes when, in fact, you're voting no. Now, it's insufficient postage on the ballot return envelope.

The Denver Election Commission, of course, asserts that all of these issues are the fault of Sequoia, and Sequoia admits to their errors. If that's the case, what the hell does the Denver Election Commission do? What have they done to assure a fair, transparent election on November 7th? What? Can anyone tell me?

Sure, it's really convenient to have a vendor (Sequoia) who'll take the rap for your ineptness-- (shouldn't you, DEC, have triple checked those ballots, both the template and the first print; shouldn't you have thrice verified the weight of the ballots and considered the weight of the ballot tabs in the process?) It's easy to point the finger at a willing (and I'm sure well compensated) vendor, but where does the buck stop? Really. I'm curious. Where ultimately does the buck stop?


jack said...

Ohhh, I like "thrice-checked". You don't see that too often. Votes in Denver shouldn't have much impact. The sales tax for kiddos will go down by a comfortable margin. Denver will vote for Ritter by a comfortable margin. Still, though, too bad. Certainly not a "World Class" election commission befitting a "World Class" metropolis!

George said...

Hey, Jack... That's a good word, isn't it. Thrice. The other one I like is tertiary...another three or third adjective/noun.

Hoping your predictions are right on!