Monday, October 30, 2006

Update on Denver Election Commission Ballot Mistakes, Um... "Vendor Errors"


Ken said...

LOL. Thanks for the link to the web site. Sequoia is owned by, de facto, by Hugo Chavez of Venzuela. Bananas comes to America. God Bless Globalism. Interesting if true. I voted yesterday and saw no problems, except that they don't print out a receipt. Elections are logistical nightmares, so let's cut them some slack. Referendum F--who cares? Why are we being asked to vote on a 150K state tax increase? That's pennies in the State budget. Screw putting a minimum wage in the State constitution. Marijuana, sure. Why not. DOMA in the constitution: Screw that one, too. I only voted, though, really, lob an inconsequential ney on 1A. If preschool is such a cost effective investment then let the DPS do it. Pay for it by cutting administrative staff, etc.

George said...

The obvious point, of course, is that the DEC is charged with conducting elections in the City and County of Denver, "...logistical nightmare..." or not. It's not up to their vendor to assure a proper election. Having handled a few "...logistical nightmares..." myself over twenty-three years of public service, the operative mandate necessarily placed upon the bureaucracy is to assure your vendor (and any other variables such as the Secretary of State's Office) gets it right. It is not left to the bureaucracy to simply slough off codified responsibilities. And, it's certainly not wise to forsake those responsibilities and place them (point the finger)in the hands of others.