Monday, October 16, 2006

Libeskind Sickens

This, a letter to the editor from this Sunday's Denver Post:

I am an artist and have been a member of the Denver Art Museum for 40 years. I feel devastated. After less than two minutes on the fourth floor of the new Hamilton wing, I had to leave. Art is visual, and the visual disorientation of the walls made me so nauseated and dizzy I could not enjoy the fabulous art, no matter how hard I tried.

"Hubris" is the word that comes to mind whenever I recall my experience. It is more important for some to show off the Hamilton shell than for everyone to enjoy the art housed within that shell.

At least now I know what it feels like to have a handicap that excludes me from a public building and a huge part of my life as an artist.

Candis Cebula, Golden


Jeffrey Beall said...

So, George, I guess you missed my letter to the editor in yesterday's Post, right?

George said...

Sorry, Jeffrey, I didn't see it. But, I kept the Perspective (I'm intrigued by Susan Barnes-Gelt's curious piece) and, there you were: "To the Point," and even more appreciated as David and I tried to determine if the tabs should or should not be included with the absentee ballot or if additional postage should be affixed (in spite of what the Post Office and the DEC promised) and if "yes" meant "no" on Ref. F or the other way around. Lawd have mercy!