Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sarah - Golden Eye

Our Alaskan Malamute "rescue." Wondering now: who rescued who?


Doogman said...

I love the arrow on her face - pointing up! Good graphical advice in general!!

What a sweet face!!!

George said...

Her markings are definitely more typical of the breed than Melissa's were. And, her temperment, compared to Melissa's, is like night and day. Melissa was--for good reason--the uncompromising Queen. Sarah is a well-disciplined (with the exception of encounters with other females) little package of joy who believes squeaky tennis balls are the essential stuff of existence...even to the exclusion of food.

D Bunny said...

Catching up on blog reads... saw pics in posts above and became so sad because I knew I wouldn't see Sweet Melissa. But I page down and see this cutie!!!

She is one lucky dog to have found you!

George said...

Thanks, d bunny. As Melissa was--I guess the right word is--regal in just about every way, Sarah, in one word, is a joy. I think I'm one lucky guy to have found her.

Hope your kids are doing well.